Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cupcake Boxes and Inserts

Cupcake boxes and inserts is a couple. The long lasting couple I think, because there is not a cupcake boxes without inserts. If no inserts at boxes that mean cake boxes. Inserts at cupcake boxes main functions is to hold the cake, so they are not moving anywhere, as you know cupcake with decorate is really risk from damage when moving even shipping.
sample of cupcake boxes and inserts as you can see, that is boxes and insert inside that box, special for cupcake

Cupcake Boxes and Inserts Wholesale have a couple design, with many shape they offer to their customers from the plain white, red, pink cupcake boxes, brown, black and even printed pattern or customized design as you want if you order by bulk to them. Wholesale of cupcake boxes and inserts have a fix size. The cupcake boxes inserts size is 6cm and 4,3cm and the boxes itself have many size but can carry fix cupcake boxes at a time such as single for one cupcake, double for two, 4,6,9,12, and even 24 cupcake with corrugated cupcake boxes.

Clear cupcake boxes have a special inserts, they also have clear cupcake boxes with inserts who mean both is transparent and made from PVC plastic as the main material. This kind is the best selling item at wholesale cupcake boxes and inserts, the single one of course, as you can see at my other post. Beside that, the clear cupcake boxes also have a plain white inserts too if you want more cheap price.

Mini cupcake boxes and inserts, not famous as the primary one, this mini cupcake boxes have a same size with other but with little bit inserts. The 4,3 insert size also called as mini cupcake. They have a potential and repeated order, because they have some customers who fanatic with this size. Customer said, they not searching for the taste of cupcake, they are looking for the decoration to deliver the message.

Cupcake Inserts is a divider or holder for you cake inside the boxes, this inserts have many size depend on your cake pans size. If you want a cheap cupcake boxes and inserts just find you local wholesale cupcake boxes, they are have standard, mini, single cupcake boxes and cupcake inserts. Some of them also have cake decorating supplies, who can make your cake more beautiful with decorating supplies.

For bakers, I'm sure you're familiar with wilton. Yes, wilton sell cupcake boxes and also cake decorating for your cupcake. Standar cupcake size or mini cupcake size and even the jumbo cupcake you can find there. Just make sure that is same size with your cake pans. You can also get cupcake liners there at wilton. Find wilton at internet.

There is a little description about cupcake boxes and inserts, just remember if you buy cupcake boxes don't forget the inserts too.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cake Box From User and Baker

Created from plastic as main materials and also made from cardboard and consist of inserts. That is a Cupcake Boxes. You need cupcake boxes and inserts to transport from the kitchen to various event locations, that is perfect. Boxes can handle a single or multiple cupcakes, and a stuff to hold and keep the cupcakes in place and prevent it from toppling over easily called as inserts who specifically added to design of cupcake boxes. Everybody love this because that is convenient for bakers and users.

Bakers love large amount of order, so the packaging loved by bakers is large cupcake box, but customers love individual cupcake boxes because that will fit with their single cupcake and come with various shapes and sizes and have an interesting face with great design and happy color.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Need Cupcake Boxes and Inserts

As a baker, especially cupcake bakers who handle the order from lovely customers you need cupcake boxes and inserts. But why this one? There is so many boxes available with cheaper prices rather than cupcake boxes and inserts.

Cupcake boxes and inserts is specially designed for transporting and displaying your cake creation, you can add your bakery logo printed at the paper of boxes and the cake is never get shake because the inserts and deliver in well form.

Inserts is an added feature of cupcake boxes. Inserts is a holder for cupcake, you can see at the bottom of boxes, this can hold your cake from moving around inside boxes or tipping over and make a mess.

That's the reason why you need cupcake boxes and inserts.